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RO = Radio Occupy K = Kathy Swift B=Ken Thomas  
000 = Show Number M = Dr. Matt    
00-00-00 = Date Show Aired MS = Michael Shanti    
Name = Guest Interviewed or Highlighted W = William York Hyde    
Title = Subject of Show Z = Zach B.    



RO285K_12-20-18_Emily Williams_350SB, Fracking & Climate Justice  
RO283W_12-06-18_Various_The Midterms Do Not End Trumpism RO284W_12-13-18_Various_Corporate Control Of College Football
RO281W_11-22-18_Various_Lobster, Genocide & The First Thanksgiving RO282M_11-29-18_Readings-Hafizah Geter's "Theater of Forgiveness"
RO279M_11-08-18_Elli Smeal_Feminist Majority & The ERA RO280K_11-15-18_Consortium News_Is Julian Assange Secure
RO277W_10-25-18_Various_Now We Know, Republicans Are Nationalists RO278W_11-01-18_Vote As If Your Life Depends On It, Because It Does
RO275M_10-11-18_Various_Friends Of The Earth RO276W_10-18-18_Various_The Democrats Have Got To Get It Together
RO273W_09-27-18_Various_How We Overcome The Banality Of Evil RO274W_10-04-18_Repeat of Show 273
RO271W_09-13-18_Various_What Social Contract Do You Want RO272M_09-20-18_Various_The Truth About Fracking At Aliso Canyon
RO269W_08-30-18_Various_How Many Indictments Are There Now RO270M_09-06-18_Chad Delgado_Santa Barbara Anti-War Rally
RO267W_08-16-18_Various_The Warning Signs Are Clear RO268M_08-23-18_Christine Ahn_The Threat of Nuclear War In Korea
RO265W_07-19-18_John Gartner_Trump Is A Malignant Narcissist RO266W_07-26-18_Various_Red Dawn, NATO & A Russian Victory
RO263W_07-05-18_Various_Water, Water Everywhere, Or Is It RO264W_07-12-18_Malcolm Nance_Our Republic Is On The Cusp
RO261W_06-21-18_Various_What's At Stake Is Our Republic RO262W_06-28-18_Various_Again, What's At Stake Is The Republic
RO259W_06-07-18_Various_The Handmaid's Tale Is Upon US RO260M__06-14-18_Mate Jante_Norwegian Artist & Activist
RO257K_05-24-18_Eddie Hsueh_Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Race RO258K_05-31-18_Repeat of Show 257
RO255M_05-10-18_Various_Corporate Accountability RO256K_05-17-18_Jem-ray_Ethnic Studies Now
RO253M_04-25-18_Neal Schyam_Norway Goes Global & Green RO254W_05-03-18_Various_How Did We Get Here
RO251W_04-12-18_Various_Let's Meet Betsy DeVos RO252M_04-19-18_Various_Guns, A Culture Of Violence
RO249W_03-29-18_Various_Let's Talk About The NRA RO250M_04-05-18_Various_SPLC Report On Racism
RO247M_03-15-18_Various_The NAACP & The RFAN, Activism & More RO248M_03-22-18_Repeat of Show 246
RO245WM_03-01-18_KCSB Fundraising Show RO246M_03-08-18_Susan Epstein_Our School Shootings-A Commentary
RO243M_02-15-18_Various_Our Ongoing Struggle Against The Swamp RO244WM_02-22-18_KCSB Fundraising Show
RO241K_02-01-18_David K. Cobb_The Persecution of Jill Stein RO242M_02-08-18_Hightower_Electing Progressives, A Trump Response
RO239W_01-18-18_Dave Barry_The Category 5 Weirdness of 2017 RO240M_01-25-18_Various_Observations of Unresolved Issues
RO237W_01-04-18_Michal Lynch_Women's March Santa Barbara 2018 RO238M_01-11-17_Various_Over My Dead Body
RO235W_12-21-17_Various_What Created Our Modern Christmas Insanity RO236M_12-28-17_Various_The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
RO233M_12-07-17_Brennan Center For Justice_Give Peace A Chance RO234W_12-14-17_Fight Songs_The Corporatization of College Football
RO231W_11-23-17_Repeat of Show 230 RO232W_11-30-17_The Brigadier_One People, One Empire, One Leader
RO229M_11-09-17_Various_Aluminium, Food For Thought RO230W_11-16-17_Various_We've Had A Right Wing Coup
RO227M_10-26-17_Various_Trump Plots Potemkin Wall RO228W_11-02-17_Various_Ryan Zinke Ain't No Friend Of Mine
RO225M_10-12-17_Various_TDI or Dying For A Job RO226W_10-19-17_Various_Gill v. Whitford Could End Our Democracy
RO223W_09-28-17_Repeat of Show 196 RO224W_10-05-17_Various_FEMA, What Is It Good For
RO221W_09-14-17_Various_Will The 25th Amendment Save US RO222M_09-24-17_Hightower_Sparse Sand, A Commentary
RO219M_08-31-17_Naomi Klein_Repeat of Show 206 RO220MW_09-07-17_Alena Simon_Food And Water Watch
RO217W_08-17-17_Various_Imagine You're Jeff Sessions & World War I RO218M_08-24-17_NAPF_Sadako Peace Day Memorial
RO215M_08-03-17_Various_Community Choice Energy Forum RO216M_08-10-17_SLO & Chumash_No Bomb Trains & Protect Our Water
RO213M_07-20-17_Various_Santa Barbara City Council Goes Green RO214W_07-27-17_Various_Utilitarianism Is Gonna Get Ya
RO211W_07-06-17_Various_Cognative Dissonance By Political Manipulation RO212M_07-13-17_Sean McMinn & Others_People's Climate March
RO209K_06-22-17_Eric Daniel Villalobos_Student Activist Network RO210M_06-29-17_Lynch, Gagne, Robinson_SB March For Truth Rally
RO207W_06-08-17_Various_What's Really Behind Trump RO208M_06-15-17_Winona LaDuke_We Have To Fight
RO205M_05-25-17_SB Anti-Inauguration Day Rally_Repeat of Show 202 RO206M_06-01-17_Naomi Klein_Speech on Our Environmental Future
RO203W_05-11-17_Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick_A Conversation RO204KW_05-18-17_Tiny, Vivian & Motiado_Po'Poets & Homefulness
RO201M-04-27-17_Adam Scow & Others_SBC Resist New Oil Wells RO202M_05-04-17_Various Speakers_SB Anti-Inauguration Day Rally
RO199M_04-13-17_Salud Carbajal & Others_Stopping the Bomb Trains RO200M_04-20-17_Various Local Pols_Anti-Trump President Day Rally
RO197M_03-30-17_S. Baker, C. Farmer, C. Hutchinson_Racial Justice RO198M_04-06-17_Juan & Brooke Robbins_An Environmental Conversation
RO195M_03-16-17_Laurance Shinderman_Bomb Trains RO196W_03-23-17_Various_The Death of the Democratic Party
RO193W_03-02-17_Various_Trump's The Distraction RO194M_03-09-17_Dr. B. Robertson_AD&A Museum & Social Awareness
RO191WM_02-16-17_KCSB Annual Fund Drive RO192WMS_02-23-17_KCSB Fund Drive 2nd Week
RO189K_02-02-17_William Robinson_Repeat of Show 187 RO190M_02-09-17_Various_Puente Power Plant Hearings
RO187K_01-19-17_William Robinson_21st Century Fascism RO188K_01-26-17_Anita Campion_Conservation of American Pyramids
RO185W_01-05-17_William Robinson_Trump, Racism & Exploitation RO186W_01-12-17_Various_Trump's Vindictive, Self-Righteous Intolerance
RO183M_12-22-16_Steve Sherrill_History of Arlington West Memorial RO184W_12-29-16_Brooke Robbins & Ken Thomas_DaPL Protest
RO181M_12-08-16_Various_The Desolation of Kern County RO182M_12-15-16_Drs. S. Hosea & M. Fram_From Antibiotics to Zika
RO179W_11-24-16_Various_Trump, What Really Happened RO180K_12-01-16_Emily Williams_Dakota Access Pipeline Protest
RO177(all)_11-03-16_ Radio Occupy Post-Election Discussion RO178K_11-10-16_Cosmoli & Marcus Lopez_Anti-Trump H.S. Walkout
RO175MS_10-06-16_Rinaldo S. Brutoco_End of the Devil RO176K_10-20-16_Stuart Kasdin & Kyle Richards, Goleta City Council Race
RO173K_09-22-16_Brian Willson_Anti-war Activism RO174W_09-29-16_Heather Hurwitz_OWS 5th Anniversary
RO171K_09-08-16_Genevieve Huizar_Anaheim Uprising RO172W_09-15-16_Ed Laing_Memorial Tribute
RO169K_08-25-16_Bob Sanger_ Repeal the Death Penalty RO170K_09-01-16_Pete Tridish_Radio Mutiny
RO167K_08-11-16_F. Gonzales & I. Huerte_Ethnic Studies Now RO168M_08-18-16_S. Kershner & S. Harding_Military Recruiting In Schools
RO165K_07-28-16_Peter Marin_The Changing Faces of Homelessness RO166K_08-04-16_Dylan Hock_Democratic National Convention
RO163B_07-14-16_Gilmore, S. Marvel, S. Victor_Lucidity Festival RO164K_07-21-16_J. Gibb & E. Gonzales_UCSB A,D & A Museum
RO161M_06-30-16_Chris Burnett_Environmental Activism RO162K_07-07-16_J.C. Oates, P. Marin_Racism, Homlessness & Activism
RO159W_06-16-16_Alia Thabit_Occupy, Activism & Trauma Resolution RO160K_06-23-16_Judge Frank Ochoa_Justice & Redemption
RO157K_06-02-16_Bernie Sanders Ventura Rally RO158K_06-09-16_David Cobb_The Next System
RO155M_05-19-16_Wes Herman_The Threat of Fossil Fuels RO156MS_05-26-16_K. Corason, C. Solice, Ashay_Love Evolution
RO153K_05-05-16_William Robinson_Global War Economy RO154K_05-12-16_Gar Alperovitz & Ben Mansky_The Next System
RO151K_04-21-16_Mariah Brennan-Clegg_Global Climate Justice RO152M_04-28-16_Alan Minsky_Contemporary Political Issues
RO149KW_04-07-16_Goodman, Alejandra, Merisel_Multiple Topics RO150K_04-14-16_A. Martinez & M. Islas_Improving Access At UCSB
RO147B_03-24-16_Darren Doherty_ Carbon Farming part 2 RO148K_03-31-16_Monisa, Charlie & Emma_UC Davis Student Occupation
RO145K_03-10-16_Peter Marin_Homelessness and Activism RO146B_03-17-16_Darren Doherty_Climate Change & Carbon Farming pt1
RO143WKMSM_02-18-16_KCSB Fund Drive RO144WK_02-25-16_Live KCSB Fund Drive
RO141K_02-04-15_Dylan Hock_Flint Water Crisis RO142M_02-11-16_Various_Maiden Voyage of The Golden Rule
RO139M-K_01-21-16_Swift & Margulies_Global Climate Change RO140M_01-28-16_Jerry Condon_War Protest & The Golden Rule
RO137K_01-07-16_Repeat of Show 136_Martin Leyva RO138K_01-14-16_Nancy McCradie & Dan Knapp_Homelessness
RO135W_12-24-15_Repeat of Shows 25 & 26_Process of Consensus RO136K_12-31-15_Martin Leyva_Activisim For Santa Barbara
RO133K_12-10-15_Jared Daniels_Million Student March RO134K_12-17-15_Luri_Ayotzinapa
RO131M_11-19-15_Robert Perry_Sustainable Engergy Models RO132MS_11-26-15_Mary Aspinwall_Updates On Vaccines
RO129B_11-05-15_Jeff Spengler_The Importance of Jade RO130M_11-12-15_Dr. Jerry Brown_The Importance of Activism
RO127K_10-22-15_Chris Hedges_Mothers of Young Survivors RO128MS_10-29-15_Kelly Carlin_A Carlin Home Companion
RO125K_10-08-15_Byrne & Murillo_Westside Candidate Forum RO126MS_10-16-15_Aparna Sherman_Ayurvedic Balanced Eating
RO123K_09-24-15_Jocelyn Gibbs & Alyse Gonzalez_UCSB Art Museum RO124M_10-01-15_Dr. David Bearman_Medical Marijuana
RO121K_09-10-15_Various_Eastside Candidate Forum RO122K_09-17-15_Repeat of Show #38_Police Terrorism
RO119K_08-27-15_John Douglas_Environmental Activism RO120M_09-03-15_David Crockett Williams_Energy Alternatives
RO117M_08-13-15_Various_Oil Train Protest RO118W_08-20-15_Bernie Sanders_The Monitor Breakfast
RO115M_07-30-15_Various_Venoco Coastal Commission Protest RO116M_08-06-15_Matt Renner_Sustainable Business Models
RO113K_07-09-15_Abby Martin_Media Activism RO114M_07-23-15_M.K. Dorsey & R. Widick_Inequality & Climate Change
RO111M_06-25-15_Geof Bard & Rev. D. Miller_War-What Is It Good For RO112W_07-02-15_K. Vandyk & G. Mantor_The Continuing Mortgage Crisis
RO109M_06-09-15_Madeline Stano_Fracking & Environmental Justice RO110K_06-16-15_Rob Pearson_Housing & Rental Shortage
RO107K_05-26-15_Abigail Pastrana_Refugio Oil Slick RO108K_06-02-15_M. Vazquez, A. Melgoza, L. Weyrick_Survivors at UCSB
RO105MS_05-12-15_Mary Aspinwall_Vaccines RO106M_05-19-15_Emily Williams_Divestment for Climate Justice
RO103K_04-28-15_Dr. Helen Caldicott_Dangers of Nuclear Power RO104W_05-05-15_Mike, Anita & Andy_A Conversation with True Believers
RO101M_04-14-15_Rebecca Clauson_Crude Oil By Rail RO102K_04-21-15_Aaron Jones_UCSB GSA Elections
RO099MS_03-31-15_Joshua Hamm_Raising Awareness & Awakening Consciousness RO100K_04-07-15_Das Williams_UCSB Higher Education (Repeat)
RO097W_03-17-15_Glen Mowr_Militarization of the Police RO098K_03-24-15_Das Williams_UCSB Higher Education
RO095K_03-03-15_Mari Hernandez_(Repeat of Show 93) RO096M_03-10-15_Prof. John Foran_ Climate Justice
RO093K_02-17-15_Mari Hernandez_Eastside Bus. Improvement District Plan RO094MS_02-24-15_Rinaldo S. Brutoco_Business & Economic Inequality
RO091M_02-03-15_Various_California Crossroads Tour pt 1 RO092M_02-10-15_Various_California Crossroads Tour pt 2
RO089W_01-20-15_Mary Aspinwall_Big Pharma, GMOs & Vaccines RO090K_01-27-15_Lisa Hajjar_The CIA and Torture
RO087K_01-06-15_D. Marshall & S. Pritchard_Black Lives Matter RO088M_01-13-15_Maya Van Rossum_The Delaware River Keeper
RO085K_12-23-14_Santa Barbara Student Housing Co-op RO086W_12-30-14_Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky
RO083K_12-09-14_UCSB Associated Students_Tuition Increases RO084W_12-16-14_Nicole & Chandler_A Conversation With Millennials
RO081M_11-25-14_Prof. John Foran_Climate Justice RO082W_12-02-14_Peter Marin_A Conversation on Class Warfare
RO079K_11-11-14_Robin Unander_UCSB Legal Resource Center RO080KMW_11-18-14_Shirley Osgood-NatGat_KCSB Fund Drive
RO077K_10-21-14_Cruzito Herrera Cruz_Voting & Electoral Reform RO078W_10-28-14_Jason Woody_On Ferguson, Racism & Police Abuse
RO075M_10-07-14_Das Williams & Rebecca Clausen_Measure P Fracking RO076M_10-14-14_Michael Meredith_Activism & Fracking
RO073K_09-23-14_Prof. Wm. Robinson_Israel-Palestine RO074K_09-30-14_Sanderson Beck_Peace Activism
RO071W_08-26-14_Michael Sullivan_SF Mime Troupe_Punkboy_Anon RO072KW_09-02-14_Shepherd & Murillo_SB Forum on Michael Brown
RO069K_08-12-14_Keith McHenry_Food Not Bombs RO070M_08-19-14_Ed Meyers_Activism Relative to Fracking
RO067M_07-29-14_Corrie Ellis_Fracking & Global Warming RO068W_08-05-14_David Roddy-DSA & Lucas Thayer-Ventura Co-Op
RO065W_07-15-14_Richard Wolff_Consequences of Capitalism RO066K_07-22-14_Suzanne Riordan & Debby McCoy_Families ACT!
RO063M_07-01-14_Kathy Davis_Anti-Fracking Initiative RO064K_07-08-14_Meeko Williams_Detroit Water Brigade
RO061K_06-17-14_Zachary King & Doug Salyers_Bonfire Collective RO062W_06-24-14_E. Warren & T. Piketty_Economic Inequality
RO059K_06-3-14_Daniel W. Marshall_The Shooting in Isla Vista RO060M_06-10-14_Pauder & Herrera_Citizens Taking Control
RO057M_05-13-14_Dr. Thomas Scheff_Emotions of War & Peace RO058K_05-27-14_Allison Reed_UCSB Coalition for Sustainable Comms.
RO055K_04-29-14_David Lindorff_U.S. Police State vs. Occupy (pt. 1) RO056K_05-06-14_David Lindorff_U.S. Police State vs. Occupy (pt. 2)
RO053M_04-15-14_Rebecca, Alex, Corrie_Fracking Santa Barbara RO054K_04-22-14_Ben Werner_Permacultures & Alt. Currencies
RO051M_04-01-14_George Gage_"Bidder 70" Documentary RO052W_04-08-14_Michael S. Stevens_Imagine Living in a Socialist USA
RO049W_03-18-14_Naom Chomsky_Income & Wealth Inequality RO050K_03-25-14_Johnny Sacko_Time Bank & Slow Money
RO047M_03-04-14_Connell & Cervantes_Mil. Recruiting in High Schools RO048K_03-04-14_Jacqueline Nevarez-Lincoln_Street Medicine
RO045K_02-11-14_Poder-MCC conference RO046W_02-18-14_Ange-Marie Hancock_Parity In Activism
RO043W_01-28-14_Various_Wealth & Income Inequality RO044K_02-04-14_Marina Reed_Taxpayer Civil Suit
RO041K_01-14-14_Michael Lynch_Anti-Syrian War Protest RO042M_01-21-14_Jonah Minkoff-Zern_Consequences of Citizens United
RO039M_12-31-13_Michael C. Warnken_Gang Injunctions RO040W_01-07-14_Veronica Grey_The Great Pacific Gargabe Patch
RO037W_12-17-13_Kimi Vandyk_Ongoing Foreclosure Fraud RO038K_12-24-13_Chavo & Elliot-Thandi Chimurengo_Police Terrorism
RO035K_12-03-13_Bill Moyer_National Occupy Gathering RO036M_12-10-13_Saul Rayo_Requiem for America
RO033W_11-19-13_Douglas Gillies_Future of the Republican Party RO034M_11-26-13_Zillan Eisenstein_Man-made Breast Cancers
RO031K_11-05-13_Katie Davis_350SB & Climate Activism RO032WKM_11-12-13_Fundraiser for KCSB
RO029W_10-22-13_Glen Mowrer_McCutcheon v FEC RO030K_10-29-13_Marissa Garcia_The Right To Write
RO027K_10-08-13_Joe Hock_International Monsanto Protest RO028M_10-15-13_Adam Klugman_Mad As Hell In America
RO025W_9-24-13_Katie Maynard_Process of Consensus (pt. 1) RO026W_10-01-13_Katie Maynard_Proccess of Consensus (pt. 2)
RO023M_9-10-13_Gil Roboleto_Veterans for Peace RO024K_9-17-13_David Cobb_Move To Amend
RO021K_8-27-13_Natalia Abrams_Student Debt RO022M_9-03-13_Bill Palmasono_Veterans for Peace
RO019M_8-13-13_Tom Urban_Veterans for Peace RO020W_8-20-13_Jason Woody_OWS As An Issue
RO017K_7-30-13_Candace_Bank Fraud RO018W_8-06-13_William_Occupy Announcements & Websites
RO015M_7-16-13_Michael Cervantes_Vets for Peace RO016W_7-23-13_Nick Thabit_Fukushima
RO013K_7-02-13_Travis Middleton_Taxpayer Civil Suite RO014W_7-09-13_Patty Rose_Homelessness
RO011W_6-22-13_Ed Laing_Socialism v. Capitalism (pt.2) RO012M_6-25-13_Ron Dexter_Vets for Peace
RO009W_6-08-13_Ed Laing_Socialism v. Capitalism (pt.1) RO010K_6-15-13_Naneki Elliot_GAD NO
RO007W_5-25-13_Cary_Health Insurance (repeat) RO008M_6-01-13_Blaze Bompane_Depleted Uranium
RO005W_5-11-13_Cary_Health Insurance RO006K_5-18-13_Kimi Vandyk_Foreclose Crisis
RO003Z_4-27-13_William_Wealth Inequality RO004M_5-04-13_Mary Johnston_Vets for Peace
RO001W_4-13-13_Zach&Matt_GMOs&Polys RO002K_4-20-13_Miguel Poder_Gang Injunction